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This question is at the centre of what matters to us. 

Whether you're trying to get your horses in shape after a tendon injury, planning an expansion of your pre-training facility or equine hospital, freshening-up horses between campaigns, seeking training alternatives of "how things are done", optimising training regimes and the cost-efficiency of your stable, or simply managing the well-being of your pony - Horse Gym knows how.


Do it your way.

The 'one-size-fits-all' theory is not what we're about. Achieving the outcome you seek, with a single item of our range of products (HorseGym Treadmill/EQUiSPA, AQUAgym) or the combination of equine training equipment, is what makes our service unique and your results outstanding. 


Who we are.

Briefly, a bunch of engineers with 25+ years experience (and still learning!) in the equine industry, trying to get the best out of your horse. 


Where we are.

From our Melbourne office, our team of service engineers and support staff coordinates the requirements of our 200+ clients in Australia and New Zealand.    


We share our knowledge.

Originating from Germany, the Horse Gym brand has built a strong reputation and client network of successful riders, trainers and breeders from all around the world.


Contact us for a full list of long-standing local and overseas clients.


Why Horse Gym?

  • Experience ( = valuable client feed back) of more than 5,000 equine training units sold world-wide - and still learning!

  • Quality product - made in Germany

  • Local technicians in AUS - 24/7 technician response

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